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What is Pinoy Source
Pinoy Source (PS) - "The Underground Pinoy Online Community"
•Pinoy Online Community
•Online Forum
•Online Group
•File Sharing Community *
•Computer and Technology Board
•Online Tambayan
•Online Chat
•Pinoy Abroad Community **
•Adult Underground **
founded by "JOHN™" on Febraury 14, 2008. Pinoy Source Specific Topic
is Computer and Technology and we also have a lot of topics such as
Music, Games, Friendster, Sports, News and Current Events, Adult Talk,
Love Talk, Student Talk, Free Downloads and more..

Here at PinoySource
you can interact with other members through our easy to use discussion
forums and chatbox. There is a wide selection of forum categories,
so there will be a forum to address whatever your interests might be
and to speak and share your minds about anything and everything.

Purpose and Aim
•Filesharing of apps, music, movies,
ebooks games and mobile apps
•Read, Share And Learn about Technology
•Information sharing- a place to share files
and ideas.
•Gathering places where people chat, meet,
get to know each other and form friendships.
•Discussing topics such as technology,
internet, music,love, adult, current events, etc
•Work spaces for group meetings, interactions etc.
•Learning spaces via tutorials or sharing
knowledge (eg:students talk)

Specific Topics
•File Sharing (Download links Sharing)
•Adult Discussions

Target Audience
•Open for Public
•Pinoy Online Community
•Filipinos Worldwide
•Forum Addicts
•Computer/Internet Addicts / Chat Addicts
•Computer Students
•Friendster User / Pinoy Bloggers
•Web Designers / Graphic Artists / Programmer

•News and Currents Events
•Download Links (Apps, Movies, Mp3, PSP Games, PC Games, Mobile/Cellphone)
•Flash Games
•Music Video Streaming
•Tech News
•Adult Downloads
•Sex Stories

Forum Categories
•Discussion Board
•Warez Downloads
•Techonology Board
•Friendster Board
•Adult Underground









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